Treehouse Technologies has shut down

Thank you for supporting this venture that began back in 2010.

Treehouse Technologies was originally founded by myself and two friends with a wildly ambitious vision of building video games to compete with AAA game titles. We didn't quite get there, but what we did develop was simple games to test our own skills and the enjoyment of being 'professionals'.

A few years after its conception, the two other founders left the team and I officially registered Treehouse Technologies as a sole proprietorship in 2012. From that moment on, the Treehouse Technologies brand became one of experimentation--constantly exploring new technology and possible new business products.

I honestly struggle to remember all of the different business ventures that was explored throughout those years: server hosting, custom computer systems, consulting, in-house and client applications just to name a few. I credit most of the problem solving and programming skills that I use today to be from that level of experimentation.

This decision was a difficult one to make and one that is obviously very personal to me. However, it has become clear to me that my own expectations for the products and services that I put out into the world, along with the business around them, has significantly increased; and unfortunately I do not think that Treehouse Technologies is able to live up to those in its current conception.

Thus, as of April 17th, 2018 no new products or projects will be under the Treehouse Technologies business. I appreciate everyone who supported all of the different ventures, and especially those who purchased physical computers and consulting services. Below are different ways to stay in touch with me personally and for future projects and business ventures.

Thank you again,
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